Paar Info's vom Chef

    • PCIe is 2.0 und soll x4 können.

    (18:40:02) tllim: the PICe is 2.0,
    (18:40:23) tllim: at one time they spec back to 1.0 due to driver not ready for 2.0
    (18:40:41) tllim: the PCIe HW spec is 2.0
    (18:41:10) tllim: per their response, the PCIe capable for x4

    • LPDDR4 soll später mit 1066Mhz laufen

    (18:42:18) tllim: they current testing LPDDR4 for 1066Mhz, still in tuning stage and looking forward to release in 2 months time
    (18:42:50) tllim: at least now we knows that the LPDDR4 can bump up to 1066Mhz

    • OpenGL v3

    (18:46:36) tllim: there is a new open GL v3 release, will have significant performance improvement

    • Vulkan Treiber

    (18:47:54) tllim: RK agree to work on Vulkan driver for RK3399. However, this is a complex and time consuming task, needs several months work

    (18:48:35) tllim: there will be V4L2 driver for RK3399

    • SPI Flash

    (18:49:37) tllim: the RK SPI Flash implementation is EFI and they will make an open source release.

    • AI Vision

    (18:52:29) tllim: there will be an AI vision recognition Linux driver release.

    tllim ist der CEO von Pine64 (wenn ich mich hier irre, bitte korrigieren)

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