• Seit ein paar Versionen kann man restic direkt von der Konsole aus aktualisieren. Hier ein Beispiel

    root@rockpro64v_2_1:~# restic version
    restic 0.9.2 (v0.9.2-110-g6bc99ce4) compiled with go1.10.1 on linux/arm64
    root@rockpro64v_2_1:~# restic self-update --output $(which restic)
    find latest release of restic at GitHub
    latest version is 0.9.4
    download SHA256SUMS
    download SHA256SUMS.asc
    GPG signature verification succeeded
    download restic_0.9.4_linux_arm64.bz2
    downloaded restic_0.9.4_linux_arm64.bz2
    saved 13389600 bytes in /usr/bin/restic
    successfully updated restic to version 0.9.4
    root@rockpro64v_2_1:~# restic version
    restic 0.9.4 compiled with go1.11.4 on linux/arm64